"I struggled with my weight all my life; I did it all. I followed every nutrition advice out there, and I failed. I decided to study a Bachelor of Nutritional medicine and dietetics so I can lose weight. Now I am on a mission to empower you with the "Know how". I will change your life by changing your unhealthy relationship with food and making you accountable. Also, you will lose weight effortlessly, you won't have to be hungry, you won't have to do cardio, and you won't need to budget your calories".

Maged Abraham

Australia's first group of medical professionals to use the Keto diet to help people lose weight and get healthier at the same time. We know why you fail, and we know how to make you succeed. 


Our team comprises of an allied group of health professionals that have a great passion for diet-related diseases, weight loss and sports nutrition. You will be under the care and constant supervision of highly qualified and experienced professionals.

Consultant Maged Abraham

Ketogenic Diet Consultant.

      Consultant Dr Robert Premier  

      B.Sc., M.Biotech., M.Ap.Sc., PhD

Biochemist/Food Scientist

      Consultant Pharm. Rita Samuel