12 Week Weight Loss Program

N Program


No Hunger 

No Exercise

No Calorie Restriction


Weight loss can be arguably one of the most frustrating and disheartening journeys we embark on. Constantly bombarded with conflicting ideas about ‘the perfect diet’ or the ‘next big thing’ in terms of weight loss, it can be quite discouraging when none of it works or the process is just too demanding and difficult to sustain. Been there; done that!


Weight loss is made to look rather hard: lots of sweat, work and setbacks throughout the process, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Wouldn’t you rather lose weight effortlessly? I dedicated my life to trying to find a simple regime, which involves No exercise, No hunger and No calorie restriction. Hence I called my program "3N". I tried everything in the past and failed every time; I just couldn't sustain it. You should never be exhausted, drained or starving while trying to look your best. If you are tired, drained and starving and continually battling cravings, you will not finish your race, and it will not be long before you hit a road block. Instead, you should be eating delicious food with a high level of satiety, you should be full of energy and in the best mood of your life. This is my motto and what my program is all about; it’s not just about good results, but good results with an enjoyable process – this is what will get you over the line and help you achieve your goals. 


If you think about why most people quit and not reach such goals, it is because the conventional way of "calories in vs calories out" is merely unsustainable. It requires you to eat less, and exercise more to create a deficit and in return lose weight. Is this sustainable? I know I failed every time I tried it because I was exhausted; I just couldn't go the distance and with every setback, it was harder to start the next time. 



Triple N vs Conventional diet plans


Firstly: you don’t need to exercise, which many of us either don’t have the time for, or find it tedious and boring. For me, one minute on that cross trainer felt like an hour. What many of us aren’t told is that exercise can work negatively against us if overdone or not done properly. When a calorie deficit exists, and you try to further amplify that deficit through exertion, stress hormones will naturally kick in, and instead of burning fat, your body will do its best to hold onto that fat – such is the physiological effect of such hormones. It takes your body 48 hours to deplete its carbohydrate stores before it starts burning fat and so with that in mind, is 60 or so minutes on the treadmill going to get you to that stage where you start burning fats? Certainly not!


Secondly, there is no calorie restriction, which means you don't have to "budget" your calories every day from the fear of running out of calories early in the day, and leaving yourself to starve for the rest of that day. My clients often report that they would get snappy with others knowing that they have "no calories left" – one of the many reasons why those calorie deficit diets just aren’t practical.


Thirdly, since there is no caloric restriction, there will be no HUNGER. Your satiety levels will be high, which means you will be in a much better mood. Remember what your attitude was like when you were exercising excessively on such little food? Besides, when one's satiety levels are high, you are less likely to crave junk or sugary foods altogether. When you’re hungry, you will want to devour everything and anything in front of you, which is counterproductive, this is another reason why this program is different.


Fourthly, Triple N program heals the very hormone that is causing your weight gain. We discussed insulin extensively and its role in weight gain in the weight loss. The triple N program reduces the amount of insulin circulating in your blood, which leaves your body with no choice but to utilise its fat stores for energy – precisely what one wants when trying to lose weight and burn off fat – this is rarely the case with conventional diets where insulin is high, and as a consequence, the body is prevented from using its fat stores.  The program also balances other hormones like cortisol and estrogen which also play a role in fat gain.


Lastly, following the 3N program, you will get healthy quickly. We encourage all our clients to do blood tests with their doctor so that we can quantify and observe changes in your blood work. You will be encouraged and motivated to see your health improve which will push you to continue your journey and do your time.  The key to successful, consistent weight loss is to have a healthy body.  Get your body healthy, and weight loss will follow. An expensive car that is not well maintained or serviced will not work at its best – neither will your body.


Why do it the hard way? Weight loss should be a simple process. You should be able to melt fat away while you are enjoying LOTS of DELICIOUS food, and not being obliged to exercise. The days of painful weight loss are OVER.




If you want to reach your goal and enjoy the journey as well, don't delay, just do it, and for the first time, you will not be disappointed.


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