“Real people with real testimonials. Tap in and see how this diet changed their lives with extraordinary results. Don't hold back!"

-Pratima Kalmadi

I remember this June day in 2019 where I was feeling particularly depressed and dejected and went hunting on the internet for a coach who could help me. I had failed yet again and managed to put on the weight after losing it 2 years prior through every crash diet available. 

I am so grateful for the day I found Mags. I was skeptical, to begin with, but after my first conversation with him, I felt reassured and decided to continue with what has now become the best decision of my life. It was an emotional rollercoaster at first, but Mags tirelessly worked with me to first change my thought process, then my habits leading to a total change in mindset. He made my goals believable and taught me to believe in myself. And funnily enough, this way of life has not felt difficult. I don't feel deprived and I continue on, knowing that Mags is just a phone call away. 

We still have a good laugh thinking about the change from that emotional wreck of a girl to someone who does a 40 hour fast every once in a while just because I'm not hungry and don't feel like eating. I still have a long way to go in my journey but I feel like a whole new person already! Most importantly I now have the confidence to make this way of eating a lifestyle choice, enjoying it every step of the way. I would like to say a big thank you to Rita as well, who was there as a silent support and there when I needed to shake things up a bit. 

I would highly recommend Mags and I can assure you, if you decide to go on this journey with him, it will be the best ride of your life!

-Karen Brennan

I am not one to normally write reviews, however this is an exception as the results I’ve seen with Mag’s guidance are truly amazing.  Being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease put an end to my once slim and healthy body. For many years I tried to lose weight. I would go to the gym 7 days a week and do weights workouts as well as run 5km on the treadmill and I didn’t lose 1 kg. I was exhausted, not sleeping and felt totally burnt out. Nothing seemed to work .. unless I chose to starve myself!

I heard about the Keto diet and results people were getting from following this diet, after doing alot of research I decided I was going to give it a go, but knew I needed guidance. That’s when I found Mags and what a great choice! Mags is very knowledgeable, he provides encouragement, hold you accountable and is there to guide you every step of the way, nothing is too much trouble. He takes the time to answer any questions thoroughly.

Just as I started my program with Mags it was also discovered I was also Insulin Resistant. With these medical issues going on, I knew things would be slow, but with Mags encouragement I kept going and did my time!! It’s been a little over 12 weeks since I started this way of eating and I’m feeling fantastic, 6 cm gone from my waist, my belly fat is almost gone and I’m still going. I am now pulling clothes which no longer fitted me out of my wardrobe and they are loose on me. The Ketogenic diet doesn’t seem like a diet, its really just changing the way you eat. I love that I can still go out for dinner with family and friends and no one is any the wiser that I am on a ‘diet’. I have no idea what I weigh and in all honesty I don’t really care!! I am seeing results in the mirror, that is enough for me.

I cannot thank Mags enough, he has truly changed my life.

-Sonia Jussy

As a nurse I work hard to ensure the well-being of my patients but somewhere along the line I lost my ability to self care. As the years went by my diet included more and more carbs most of these in the form of caffeine and sugar and then the rest,bread, rice and pasta up to 3 times a day. My jobs includes long hours, double shifts and burn out. Hence the last thing on my mind was going for a walk or getting on a treadmill. 

To loose weight I had signed up to gyms, in between that I would try tablets, powders, shakes, detox diets and you name it to fit into nice dresses for special events. I think tuning 30 shook me and I finally decided I was going to try the keto diet. After avoiding this for 1 year I signed up. I met a genuine, knowledgeable, professional who could educate me and answer my WHY'S of why I couldn't loose weight, why I was gaining weight ? Why it's so hard and why hasn't anything that I've done in the past worked. 

For all these questions I received a answer that spoke true to ME, my past habits and lifestyle, my present misconceptions and a picture of my future if I didn't change. The conversations have been difficult the accountability was a new skill I learnt. The effort spoke for itself and today I am almost 15 kg lighter after 3 months on Maged's program. As a health professional I know that there is no better feeling than to look good feel good and be healthy. I didn't have to starve I didn't have to take chemicals and I didn't have to fail ever again. 
I now believe that I am proof that anyone can do this.

My husband Pete and I started the 12 week program in Nov 19. We soon came to realise we were previously doing it all wrong Mags kept it very simple, he gave us very clear guidelines to follow ensuring we stayed on track.

In matter of weeks we lost the desire to over eat and not make food the No 1 priority. The weekly support chats were crucial if and when we might have doubted the strategy. Mags provides all the tools and knowledge to make Keto our new normal. We both finished the program with amazing results. We have not finished our journey yet and will continue Keto for life. Mags is a fantastic Keto trainer. I highly recommend this program to everyone. 

Thanks Mags & Rita

-Ephrocini Zwgraphos

I am a mum… a mum of a special needs little girl whom I adore. Without going into too much detail the medicines she is on unfortunately puts on weight plus she is unable to do the normal physical activities to burn. I am also overweight and wanted to change. 

After much research desperately trying to find something that you think you can do … noting I have tried and failed many diets in the past. Now there is keto and there is ‘Keto’, which one to look at. The advertisements are pretty and pretty enticing BUT this had to fit the whole family.

I came across Keto Trainer, WOW, a real person, not someone that looked unachievable or carried on wishing you outcomes that you know you could not achieve. I sat in front of that computer for some time, I was very low with many emotional challenges and also ongoing medical issues, it’s easy just to pick up whatever is at hand food wise.
I sent an email to Maged (Keto Trainer) he called and we spoke!! A real person, a dad, a husband but most important someone that has been through his own journey and so understands the personal struggles one can face.
Simple, right? No! … I agreed to begin but all the little voices in the head saying ‘it’s too much too hard, you can’t do it’. My mind had won I sent Maged an email saying sorry and I walked away… feeling that I not only failed myself but my little girl. In most circumstances that would be it, finished… the advertisements, the people, enticing you to join, really do not care if you choose to quit, you’re just number.

Unfortunately or fortunately this is not what ‘Keto Trainer’ does. This amazing man gave me a call and we talked, well Maged talked, I listened, he just knew how I was feeling and he also wanted to understand why I was emotionally defeated, why I felt I could not achieve my goals. He could have just deleted me from his email list. Yes, he has many other clients. I could have been just another number. But when someone calls themselves a trainer, he is, exactly that, genuine. To start this Keto journey you really need to acquire the right tools to go into battle and the first time allotted was with educating how the body works. We all think we know but we do not, with that education and understanding, Maged helped and gave me the encouragement to be strong.

Maged showed he believed I could do this; I just couldn’t let him or more importantly myself and my child down.
It is a big transition but I overhauled my home, no more carbs, no more sugar. The first few weeks were challenging but that is with anything you do in life. The reward, better health for you and your family. Maged gave me the steel not shiny alfoil that rips at the first bit of strain but steel passion to be strong.

I and my little girl are very happy. Changing shape, reducing size, they call her the food police in a nice way at school. As adults we think our kids won’t cope, however, reality is it’s us that need to change our mindset, our kids are just a reflection of our choices that can benefit their health. They learn better ways and enjoy that they can see the difference it makes to them and so do we, not just physical difference but mental health also. Unlike other Keto websites Maged is a real person who does care and wants to help you improve your life, don’t waste time with others, “Keto Trainer” is genuinely interested in helping you. 

-Dorothy Velitzelos

Having been officially diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease a couple of years ago (which made a WHOLE LOT of my life make sense) - I embarked on keto with my gastroenterologist’s blessing. Maged’s advice and guidance has been amazing for me. Within 3 months most of my symptoms and discomforts have been reversed and I’m finally pain free and managing to loose weight! There’s still a long road ahead but the light at the end of the tunnel is bright and I can’t wait to keep learning and growing as I go! Thanks for all the support Mags! Love your work!

-Andrew Crellin

I tracked down Maged after months of trying to follow the ketogenic diet myself without success.

Within days of starting my mistakes were obvious, the results followed in time.

My aim with keto was to improve my health, and to hopefully look better as a result. After 18 months, blood tests showed my risk of death by heart disease dropped from 17% to 5%, which given my family history is incredible. My GP literally said "whatever you're doing, keep doing it." I'm also comfortable walking around without a shirt again, which is a major bonus!

6 months after finishing with Maged I eat pretty much what I want, and am at the same waist size / weight / bodyfat as when we finished (the food I want is now what's healthy for me). I believe I've broken my body's dependence on sugar, and have bedded down habits that will keep me in good health for years to come.

Yes, this diet takes some discipline and yes, it requires choices, but it's far easier than battling alone and still being fat and unhealthy.

I can't say enough about how much Maged's expertise and approach has helped me, it has literally been life-changing.

I too am a statistic ... you name the diet I’ve done it ... a history of success and then failure. It’s been a roller coaster for the last 35 years. You don’t realise how damaging this can be to your self esteem, your self worth and your body.

When I first met Maged and Rita, I was ready for failure again. I had already set myself up to get back on the ride again.  
This mindset was quickly reset from our first meeting. I will never forget Maged’s words ... there is no plan B, only Plan A! 
He explained to me if I don’t think like this it will not work! I appreciated his honesty from the beginning! 

Every week got easier and every week I would learn something new. Not only do you drop the weight physically you also offload the mental weight. There is so much self sabotage after years of ‘yo-yo’ dieting. The great thing about this program is that both Maged and Rita could relate. They had been where I was and they wanted to take me to where they are now!

Im now on track, it’s just the beginning, my whole life has changed. I love the feeling of having control over my life in more ways than one. The support and coaching I have recieved has been like nothing else I have ever had anywhere.

This is not a quick fix, the 12 week program is the beginning of a lifestyle change forever. I’m so happy that I found this program and I can’t recommend it enough. 

Thankyou Mags and Rita, I’m so grateful for your encouragement and advice on making this the best ride of my life!

-John Naoum

I want to thank Mags and Rita for all of their support during the 12 week program which I completed a few weeks ago now. 

Whilst this is a lifestyle change and the journey has only just begun, the results from the program around fat loss and more importantly what I have learnt about myself I would not have been able to achieve without their support. The weekly catch-ups with Mags provided the perfect opportunity for me to not only receive guidance in the Keto lifestyle, they were important platforms to receive motivation from Mags around acknowledging my challenges while being focused on my goal.

I have and would again recommend to anyone the Program. Thanks again Mags and Rita.

-Michael Issac General Surgeon, Specialist in: Breast surgery, Colorectal Surgery, Endocrine Surgery, OncologyMBBS FRACS

"Maged’s approach to dieting was truly revolutionary to me. As a surgeon, I know that several studies have demonstrated that the only sure way to lose weight is to have a surgical procedure such as gastric banding, sleeve or bypass surgery. However, I believe that this is because most dietary plans are not tailored to the patient’s circumstances and lifestyle. More importantly, most dietary plans have no objective measure (other than weight loss on the scales) to tell whether they are working or not. The third reason I believe many dietary plans fail is that the patients find themselves only accountable when they stand on the scales at their review appointments with the dietitian.

Maged has managed to overcome all of these problems with his tailored approach, strict monitoring and above all finding a novel solution to increase patient’s accountability to their dietitian. I started the ketogenic diet with Maged one month before turning forty. After clearly explaining the biochemistry behind this diet, Maged helped me through the shopping list to start the diet. He provided me with a simple yet detailed and flexible dietary plan.

Ketones are the natural product of fat breakdown which when measured in the blood reflect ongoing fat burning. Ketoacidosis, on the other hand, is a dangerous state that type 1 diabetics can get into because they lack insulin. Unfortunately, many people (including doctors) associate the word ketones with this condition. Other than in the context of type 1 diabetes, ketoacidosis is impossible. As long as fat is being burnt, however, ketones will be produced and provide a very useful way of checking that fat is being used up (ie that the diet is working)!!

Maged provided me with a simple glucometer explaining how and when to measure my ketones providing an objective measurement to test whether or not I was on the right track. He was only a phone call away when I was wondering what to have at restaurants as I was becoming more familiar with the diet.

By the end of the third week, I had lost 9kg of fat without losing any muscle bulk with minimal exercise. I love my food and almost gave up the diet on the third day craving carbohydrates. I was skeptical and thought that this will be like all my previous attempts which have failed miserably. Maged’s follow up SMS messages kept me going for that day. The next day I woke up having lost my chronic ankle and knee pain – one of the benefits of the ketogenic diet as I discovered later. It was then that I decided that this dietary plan was special in so many ways. I kept going and was amazed (and still am) by the results. I cannot wait to check my cholesterol levels to see the results that so many others have already seen in weeks not months.


I thank Maged for revolutionising my diet and providing constant encouragement and accountability. I highly recommend Maged’s approach and would be more than happy to answer any queries.*"

-Akram Samuel

"I have tried many diets over the years to lose weight and maintain as much muscle mass as possible. While some diets worked better than others, there was always one problem common to all diets I tried. They all required a lot of thought and planning throughout the day to maintain the right proportion of nutrition and calorie intake. With the busy life style I was leading, I always found it difficult to maintain the diet for longer than a few weeks. When I went back to normal eating all the weight came  back on within a couple of months and I was back to where I started.

A couple of months ago I came across the ketogenic diet through  a recommendation from maged. He assured me this diet would be different from everything I tried due to the fact that it’s not about restricting calories to lose weight in the short term but rather it was a method of shifting the way your body handles sugars or carbs as well as proteins in the long term and using fat for energy.

I was 89 kg when I started the diet and only weeks later with mageds help and coaching I was down to 83kg. Since then I have increased my carb intake and still managed to stay in Ketosis!!!

Surprisingly I’m still losing weight ! I’m 81 kg now with a moderate intake of Carbohydrates almost on a daily basis yet my craving for these carbohydrates and sugars has almost competed disappeared !

This diet has definately had more noticeable long term positive effects than any other diet ive tried. This is one of the most important positive results that sets this apart from any other diet. I highly recommend it even if it’s just for 12 weeks and highly recommend doing it under mageds coaching and guidance.*"

-Cristian Diaz

"I am not one to normally write reviews but I felt compelled to do so in this case due to the exceptional results that I have achieved in such a shot space of time. (started diet in Feb 2016). I was feeling as sluggish and overweight as I had ever felt prior to doing this program but that all changed very quickly when I lost 10 kgs in 1 month (dropped from app 25% to 19.5% body fat) but didn’t lose any muscle mass in the process which I couldn’t believe considering the short amount of time & the fact that a fair bit of muscle is usually lost in the process of dieting. For more than 7 years I had tried different diets, training plans etc but not one program targeted belly fat like this one whilst keeping muscle gains! I can now fit into everything in my wardrobe due to the fact that I have never been leaner, my mind feels as fresh & sharp as I gave ever felt & I am enjoying my meals more than ever!

Best of all, the support I recieve is fantastic! No question is too many or too stupid for Maged as he promptly responds to all my SMS’s whether that be early morning, late evening or weekend & he does it in such a polite & easy to understand manner that makes it feel easy to achieve your goals. I am now at 18% body fat with 61kgs of my 74kgs body being lean muscle & I couldn’t feel any more energetic, heathier or happier at the moment.*"

-Mina Habib

"I was very skeptical about the keto diet since all the available information confirmed that a low carb diet causes muscle loss and decreased output at the gym. Maged explained how the ketogenic diet is a muscle sparing diet since its not a low carb diet, since ketones are present and they feed your muscles. I did still not believe until I saw it myself.

I did not lose any muscle at all, the only thing I lost was the stubborn fat on my stomach that I could never burn off before. The ketosis diet allowed me to reach this goal in a very short period of time. The diet was easy to follow and I found my energy levels increased, particularly when I was in the gym. I really enjoyed the food I was able to eat while on the diet which helped me stay on track. Unlike other diets, it didn’t impact my lifestyle.

Overall, I found the ketosis diet to be extremely successful and lost over 4kgs in 4 weeks while maintaining my muscle mass. i only lost fat, I highly recommend it.*"

-Mina Takla

"Started off this diet in this most enjoyable way… It’s been about 8 weeks now since I started. Eating good food that is tasty and full of flavour. Cut out all carbs completely including fruit but loaded up on good food loaded with fat. My biggest problem with diets was my appetite for sweets. for me, there isn’t a meal without a dessert. After a week on this diet I lost my appetite for sweets completely. I later on started having ketogenic pancakes, cakes and icecream, I still craved a nice steak with butter.

Since i have been in ketosis, my calorie intake is now less than 1000 a day. I never feel hungry and my energy levels are great, better than ever. I used to always get grumpy if I didn’t eat or didn’t have sugar. It’s all changed now and I’ve lost 8kgs now without doing exercising and 4 inches off my waist. The task was made much easier since Maged was always guiding and motivating me daily whether it’s through phone, texts or meeting with him face to face.

This diet is definitely one to have a go at if you’re lazy to exercise and you have a soft spot for sweets!! Thanks Maged!*"